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Our Leaders

According to the New Testament pattern for church government, each local church is governed by a team of elders, headed up by the lead elder (visionary elder). The word "elders" is used interchangeably with "overseers", "bishops" and "shepherds". They are one and the same function and are always mentioned in plurality in the Scriptures.

Richard & Zelda

Richard and Zelda are our fearless leaders. They have been faithfully leading Storehouse Church for 20 years and are passionate about discipleship and equipping leaders in various nations. Richard enjoys cycling and Zelda loves a good book, but these pale into insignificance when playing Barbies and having tea parties with their two granddaughters.

Stephen & Jacqui

Stephen and Jacqui are the lead couple of the PM Congregation. Jesus makes them come alive, so they want more of Him in their lives and yours. Stephen works with people in order to get them to attain certain numbers while Jacqui works with numbers which she needs to attain from people. They love crisp mountain air and sea sand between their toes.

Bruce & Andrea

Bruce and Annie love to travel and meet new people, especially in other nations. They love teaching people how to live for God with their whole lives, and help them to do this while being actively involved in what happens in the local church. Bruce has been a recruitment specialist for over 10 years and Annie a speech therapist for over 20 years. She runs her own practice working with children. They really enjoy sharing meals with friends.

Calla & Jane

Calla and Jane love to see families functioning as God intended as this reflects His character to the world. Calla is an electrical engineer and Jane is an occupational therapist. They like to relax while hiking and enjoy gardening.

Carel & Anneri

Carel and Anneri love seeing God be God in real ways – touching people and transforming their lives. They desire to see the next generation of Jesus followers emerge, strong and victorious. They cherish family life and on weekends you will find them hiking or exploring rock pools and the beach with their children. Carel is a mapmaker and Anneri a homemaker and homeschool mom.

Dale & Sally

Sally likes seeing people transformed and set free while Dale loves kids’ ministry. Dale sees it as a privilege to teach children and see them serving God when they’re older. Sally is a business owner and has been a hairstylist for 22 years. Dale works at a tannery and has been in the leather, hides and skin industry for over 30 years. Dale likes mountain biking and has completed the Trans Baviaans five times and Sally likes swimming. When they get the chance, they enjoy camping.

Devin & Carla

Devin and Carla see themselves as an apostolic prophetic family who desires to see the supernatural as a natural part of all our lives. They come alive when supporting churches and seeing people equipped. Devin is in the corporate world and oversees operations at a law firm whilst Carla is a full time mom, leads the junior youth ministry and consults corporately on various HR matters. They are coffee and chocolate loving people who enjoy the caravanning and having people over for meals a good "kuier".

Gerhard & Sonia

Gerhard and Sonia are passionate about teaching, free worship and facilitating the understanding of God dreams. They enjoy walking alongside people and have a desire to see believers walk in wholeness and develop to maturity in Christ. Gerhard has a teaching background and is a Maths Tutor while Sonia is a Pharmacist. "Hulle is passievol oor bos, berge, kamp, wild en reis".

Glenn & Karen

Glenn and Karen are involved in many areas of the church including teaching, marriages, leadership development, communities and discipleship. Basically, they are wherever there are people involved. Glenn works full time at Storehouse Church and part time as a HR consultant while Karen has a public relations background. They love running together and Karen recharges while painting or doing anything creative.

Graeme & Tracy

Graeme and Tracy are passionate about seeing people living in the fullness that God has for them and have a particular affinity for the area of worship and young adults. Tracy is a designer and Graeme an attorney. Graeme likes to compete in endurance events like Ironman and Comrades and Tracy loves Seattle coffee and not having to compete in endurance events.

Grant & Michelle

Grant and Michelle love family - seeing families thrive and on mission together. Grant is a business owner in the packaging industry and Michelle is an adventurous home-schooling mom. They love camping, hiking, the beach … basically being outdoors.

Ray & Gail

Ray and Gail love people and prayer. They come from a corporate background where Ray still works in the area of outsourced energy and Gail busies herself serving and caring for others. In their free time Ray enjoys spearfishing and Gail recharges while gardening or reading.

Tim & Michelle

Tim and Michelle are entrepreneurs who run their own businesses. They are practical people who believe that being Jesus’ hands and feet is what they are called to. Their desire as a family is to see people, especially the destitute and orphans restored to The Father’s Love by Mothering and Fathering them. Tim loves to fellowship and gather people. Michelle loves gardening and compliments her husband with her gift of hospitality.