Early History

New Covenant Church (our former name) started out as an autonomous home group in the mid 1980’s which subsequently formed a working relationship with New Covenant Ministries International under the leadership of Dudley Daniel, who has since transitioned leadership to Tyrone Daniel.

How we grew

In the early days our mission was to impact the community through a lifestyle of covenant relationships and the enjoyment of God.

After some years of moving from homes to larger venues, we acquired the property on which the house (“Victory House”) stands.  We then purchased more land and built the facility which we call The Storehouse.

As the church grew, we purchased a further parcel of land from the municipality which is situated behind the church building, which we use at this stage for parking. The original residential home which we purchased, situated at 36 Vitry Avenue, was substantially renovated and a further facility was built next to it, which houses the children’s church, known as “Now Generation”.  The church has seen steady growth over the years and is actively involved in a number of outreaches and ministries into the city and further a field.